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WPT Announces Acquisition Of WPTDeepStacks

WPT Enterprises, Inc. acquired the WPTDeepStacks. The company announced the acquisition of WPTDeepStacks recently.

However, full ownership of the company will be taken over by WPT Enterprises on 12 January 2017.

In a press release, WPT Enterprises Chief Executive Officer Adam Pliska said “WPT is gratified to acquire WPTDeepStacks”. “World Poker Team is supported by the parent company Ourgame, the company is looking for friendly and strategic acquisition opportunities. It is looking for management and business teams that are capable of reflecting the value of WPT brand. WPTDeepStacks has all the qualities that we were looking at a company. Acquisition of WPTDeepStacks is the model of this initiative.”

WPTDeepStacks was launched in 2012 and in Jan. 12 it will start its 4th session. The tour was originally the result of a partnership with the WPT. The partnership began in the mid of the year 2014, the objective was to replace the DeepStacks Poker Tour brands and WPT Regional in the Europe and United States.

In a press release executive director of WPTDeepStacks Chris Torina said “With this acquisition, relationship between WPTDeepStacks and WPT Enterprises has moved to the next level.

“The first partnership cemented the brand and this merger will give new wings to WPTDeepStacks. Now, we are looking forward to continue to expand, innovate and offer tournaments that remain extremely player-friendly and located at the properties that are most beautiful around the world.”

After this big acquisition, WPTDeepStacks will be able to expand its wings into new regions and will also be able to develop new partnerships. As far as the operations of DeepStack Poker Tour is concerned, then it will remain continue and will operate in Canada individually. All the properties and asset of WPTDeepStacks will be acquired by WPT, but the operation of DeepStack Poker Tour in Canada will have no impact of this action.