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Darren Elias uses his experience and tact’s to win cashes

Darrenstarted playing professionally from 2007. His graph was consistently growing up till 2008 he was at 1st level on 2008 then afterword’s he was constant till 1 year afterwards again his graph gone increases till 2010 till 2012 it was constant again it gets down in 2013 at below 1st level.

For current situation he has down his performance and after going at top level in 2014. Total $2,964,438 casino winning he has in his career, 13 career title he has won, and 129 career cashes he has won. One can learn techniques from him to be expert in this field.

Due to his weak performance he has not placed in poker player of the year points and he has not ranked at any place. Darren has won $269,810 career winnings in world series of poker, 16 career cashes he has won, and he has went through 2 final tables in this series, $1,282,030 career winning was won by him in world poker tour, 12 career cashes he has won, 3 final tables he has won in this series total 2 championship was won by him in this tour. $15,540 a winning he has won in European poker tour 1 career cashes he has won in this series.

Recently he has played on 21stApril 2015. The series in which he played was world poker tour, game type was No Limit Hold’Em he has been placed at 116th rank and total winnings was $7500. Total entries were in this series was 1476. Played his top cash match on 13thSept. 2014. It was a world poker tour series game type was No Limit Hold’Em $3 Million guarantee. He was placed at 1st rank from 1226 entries total winnings he has $843,744 and he gain 1440 points from this series. Making carrier in poker tournament is full of hard work and dedication.

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Greg “Fossilman” Raymer, fashionable poker player

Greg Raymer was born in United States. He started playing poker in the year 1996. He played his first poker event in Lake Elsinore in which he was ranked 7th and had won $350 which was too much at that time. Then he continued playing poker. For the first time in the year 1998 he was ranked 1st and had won prize of $3,445. After that he played many events. After that in the year 2001 again he was ranked 1st and had won $25,560 in new England Poker classic tournament.

After that again he played many tournaments and had scored high ranking and won had won a good amount of prize money. In the year 2003 he was again ranked 1st in the MET tournament and had won $1,248. In the year 2004 in Las Vegas he played his biggest event of his poker life. In this event he was ranked 1st and had won a believable amount of $5,000,000. This was one the biggest event that he played till now. After this he continued his playing. Then in the year 2005 twice he was ranked 1st and had won $20,000 and $7,542 in Las Vegas and London. In the year 2006 he played well in many events. After that in the year 2007 he was again ranked 1st and had won $27,320 in Barcelona. (more…)

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