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T.J. Cloutier- A Brief History

Professional players are numerous in the world. Yet, only few games keep thriving in these present days. Among such few games, there are some games which are being much popularly played by many individuals. Professional players handle the game very efficiently and excellently. One such player turns out to be T.J.Cloutier, where he is much known for his winning of the 6 bracelets in WSOP series. Thomas James Cloutier was born on October 13, 1939. He is the very professional poker player from America. Thomas was inducted by 2006 into the Poker Hall of Fame.

Author of Books:
His birth place was California. Attending the University of California, he was given an athletic scholarship for football and playing baseball in the year 1959. But, he was unable to continue it, due to the financial background of his family. Later, getting into United States Army, he was playing for the team, but an injury happened, turns out to stop his career by further continuing into the Army. Then, started with a food company, and also joined oil rigs to work over there. This is the time; he started to play Poker, where his realization of his more earning in playing this game, made him quit the job.

He has been the author of several books, like Championship Hold’em, Championship Omaha, etc. he has made a record winning of 6 bracelets at the World Series of Poker, where he is now next to Phil Hellmuth capturing the second place for the winning of all-time WSOP final tables, apart, his rank is in the 5th place with the summation of his 55 WSOP cashes. Moreover, Cloutier is the only person who happened to ply the Poker and has also won the game in three types of Omaha. His bracelets won happened to be in the years, 1 in each of these years 1987, 1998, 2004 2005, and 2 in 1994.