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Erik Seidel

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  • Home Premier League Poker S01 E01 1/5 (HD)

Premier League Poker S01 E01 1/5 (HD)

Erik Seidel Video clip Rating: five / 5

6 comments on “Premier League Poker S01 E01 1/5 (HD)”

  1. Juan Loaizza says:

    Yes he is because is a Showdown You must show your cards, not just the guy you beting with, but to all the table…

  2. Juan Loaizza says:

    Because is a showdown he has to show the cards!!!

  3. Why is devilfish asking to see the losing hand and why is the dealer turning it over? I just don’t get it.

  4. pokerista17 says:

    Tony G should not have been forced to show that hand.

  5. thank you for this vid.

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