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Max Pescatori: An Italian Poker Player

His nick name is “Italian Pirate”. He was born in 1971 in Mila, Itali. He is one of the best professional poker players. On the Tournament of the Poker, he is a regular player, also he is placing always high in the Magazine of card player’s year race’s player.

In 1994, he shifted from Milan to Las Vegas, Nevada and started playing Seven Card Stud which is at the Luxor Hotel. When he found that, than this game Texas Hold’Em is much more profitable then he focused on same. In 1998, for the Poker game he guided by the Valter Farina, who is first Italian who won the Bracelet at the WSOP (World Series of Poker). In 1999, he became professional poker player.

He played his first major tournament in 2003. In this Limit event of World Poker Challenge tournament he won $300 as he defeated his final table with John Bonetti, who is one of the best American Poker player. Just after three day of this event, he won the Omaha High Low event. In the event of the Poker’s legends, in 2004, he has two finished in respective of money at the World Series of Tournament and won the $200 Limit and in the first season of Ultimate Poker Challenge he finished his eight final tables.

In 2006, he won highest limit in the World series of tournament and which is around $2500. His earning in this game is $1,695,325.As if he stayed in Las Vegas, he considered himself as Italian only and always has proud on self. Also he always wear his Italian Tricolor Bandana while he playing any tournament of Poker. In 2011, His total income of live tournament exceeds $3,000,000. He played total six   World Poker Tour (WPT) events in his career.