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France And Spain Combine Online Poker Player Pools

In the online poker space, the France and Spain are no longer going to be alone as they have taken a secure cutter to their chain-link ring fences and now both the countries are planning to share online poker liquidity. According to the expectations of people, on Tuesday the PokerStars became the first online poker room to merge the player pools of the both the countries.

The announcement of both countries shared liquidity deal came in the month of July. In addition to France and Spain, Italy and Portugal are also involved in the agreement to merge their pool of online poker players. Earlier the hope was that the merger for shared liquidity will get done will be over end of 2017, but it extended a couple of weeks and finally happened in the year 2018 not too bad still.

As far as the involvement of Portugal is concerned, then it is expected to get on board in the coming future, but the participation of Italy is actually up in the air at this point of time, despite the announcement of last year. According to reports published in the month of November in one of the leading publications, Italy, at least at that point, is yet to open the bidding process for shared liquidity licenses as well. According to the expectations, the application process was supposed to have started in the month of September.

Meanwhile, two countries, Spain and France are ready to go, and this is important also because the liquidity of the player is of importance to online poker rooms. Online casinos benefitted with this move players as players not competing against each other. It is fine if there is only a single person at a blackjack table, but a poker room with sparsely populated tables will have trouble surviving.