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World Series of Poker

World Series of Poker is conductedonce in a year in Las Vegas since 2005, which is sponsored by Ceasers Entertainment. It was originated in 1970, when a poker played named Benny Binion welcomed 7 of the most famous poker players to the Horshoe Casino for a tournament. It was a set twitch and stop time and a winner wasdecided by a secret ballet.

WSOPE – expansion for Europe was undertaken from the year of 2007, complete with all the usual paraphernalia of prizes like

bracelets and all. Initially it was inaugurated in London and then moved to Cannes France in 2011. In 2010, in the meanwhile, it was launched in South Africa.

In 2013, WSOP expanded and held bracelet events in Australia at the 2013 World of Asia Pacific.

Now it becomes very important for us to know whether gambling, as such, is to be prohibited or not? Let us see what Boarding School Association (BSA) Chairman Christian spells out how school children should spend more time developing life skills.

In his opinion, through is gambling game, children will learn more about sharing and borrowing from others and they will be able to understand others feelings, concerns and priorities. Most importantly, they will learn about curiosity and through this they are exhilarated to learn safely from avoiding the mistakes happened earlier. They should be exposed to risk taking in poker games also he says.

Eminent men such as David Einhom, the founder of Greenlight Capital fund and Andy Frankenberger, an ex-trader for JP Morganall happen to be World Series of Poker Champions.

The world of financial markets as well as poker teach us all about money management in addition to risk management, which will come a long way in helping us to tackle our life crises very well.

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Online Grinder to Silver Screen

Most online poker professionals were not familiar with online poker pro Danielle Andersen so much. Undoubtedly, the players who have played with her know his capabilities. She is a regular high stakes poker player doing wonderful in online poker industry.

Recently, Anderson was approached by production team for preparing a documentary which includes all necessary information about internet poker and famous internet poker players doing wonderful in the poker industry. The production team wanted to include Danielle Andersen and she said yes. (more…)

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Jason Senti

Basically from Grand Forks, North Dakota, Jason Senti spent his childhood here with great enthusiasm and happiness. He completed his education in the field of engineering and became an electrical engineer from the University of North Dakota. He started his career as an electrical engineer and went on to play the game of poker. When he finished college, he had watched the game of poker on the television and he developed the passion for the game here only. Watching the game on the television gave him goose bumps and he decided to try his hand at the game. When he deposited the required money in one of the website of online poker, he had no idea that it would take him to such heights.

This was the first step which went a long way in making him the winner of the poker game several times. When he registered win after win, he was sure that he would make it to the top shots within no time. There came a time when his winning was sufficient from the poker games and he decided to quit his job and play the game on a full time basis. This ensured that he could concentrate on the game and at the same time give him respite from earning money.

Jason Senti had a great knowledge of psychology and he could read the minds of the people. This was a great help as he could predict the moves of the opponents and plan his strategy accordingly. With each tournament, his confidence also increased and he moved on to become one of the skilled players of the game. Live tournaments became his forte and his earnings were sufficient for him to live a healthy and luxurious life. Reaching the final tables became his greatest attribute and a match winner for him.

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Hunt the Opponent

On the table of poker games at any poker room or casino or at home game, one or more of the opponent’s would be wondering and thinking that they should stand against their opponent players hand or not. In the situation of doubt the particular player will directly ask to their opponent player regarding cards of suit they are holding upon; the player would be willing to know which cards suit will come against them incase if they does not fold their cards suits, this process is called Rabbit Hunting. If player does not want to take risk or want to be on safe side during his/her play, he/she chooses process of rabbit hunting.

As this technique is frowned one, while playing in any of the casino or tournaments this power is put on and given in the previous round winner’s hands. Likely, if in next round winner has unopposed hand then, he/she can choose rabbit technique to see which and what type of cards they are holding on. This is a one of the greatest way to expose bluff on other opponent player, and the player can show to their opponent player that they have beat him/her. And of course the player might be able to just shut up showing to their opponent that, on their lay down they had made the perfect and right call.

Only penalty given to the opponent player who has been hunted is that, he/she has to show up the hole cards of suits he/she is holding upon to the table. Likewise, a player can take down or choose an option of rabbit hunt on a hand unopposed situations. The player can simply click up the button of rabbit hunt and can see if they are messing up with their opponent’s heads or not. This is done by a player to remove the doubt and stay far from risk as well during the play.

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Robin Hood of Poker

Barry Greenstein, an eminent member of the poker community of the world. He is the only proud poker player who has clinched victory in 3 WPT events and at least in 3 WSOP bracelets. Along with that, a significant thing that can be added in favor of him that he is the most prominent player, who loves charity and the only player to give all his price money to charitable organizations. For his generous mind and wonderful humanity, he is often called ‘Robin Hood of Poker’, who is bad at the table, but a good man outside. His opponents respect him for his meticulousness and amazing power of winning from a crunchy situation. Around 8 million USD of his prize money, he has distributed amongst several charitable organizations and thus, the man certainly deserves a lot of respects and appreciations.

Even after donating such huge sums, he is still on his mark to become a millionaire through playing poker. Greenstein has registered so many famous wins, and thus clinching so much money from those wins. Not only that he always possesses high stakes for his games, which proves his desperateness, courage and certainly confidence. Presently, he is a renowned poker author, bagging books like – “Ace on the River” under his belt. His writings are appraised and young poker enthusiasts love him for that reason. He is also known as the teacher of three highly successful players of this poker world, and they are: Joe Sebok, Mimi Tran and Tuan Le. All of them are well-established poker player of present generation and have clinched several famous victories.

$1,500 PL Omaha WSOP victory has been dedicated by Greenstein to one of his friends Charlie Tuttle, who has been suffering from cancer for a long time. So, overall, Barry Greenstein is a famous poker player, a good human being and a teacher of the game of gambling, i.e. poker.

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Erik Seidel – A Born Poker Champ

Born with a gambler’s luck, Erik Seidel is considered one of the best gamblers to live. His outstanding killer like skills, quiet subdued behavior at the tables – are the reasons for his success. He defeated plenty of the payers at the table and certainly, has become a star in the world of poker. He was born in 1959 in New York City and has played about 16 events with over 9 million dollars won actually the 9th member of list of top cash collecting gamblers. He won the Foxwoods Poker Classic in April 2008. Erik combines his backgammon skills, experience of stock market handling in the Walls Street and his gambling skills to thrash victory over his opponents.

He started his career from Mayfair Club New York in 1985 and quickly made his debut in world poker. In 1988, Erik managed his way to the finals to face Jim Betchel, T.J. Cloutier and Humberto Brenes. Outdoing everyone Erik found himself opposite Johnny Chan, former defending champion. Johnny managed to play slow against Erik’s aggressive moves. Johnny eventually won the championship. According to Erik Seidel himself, it was the best hand he played in his career. He also admits of letting the game go off his hands. Four years later he was the one of the first to collect 8 bracelets in WSOP. In No Limit Deuce to Seven Lowball and Pot Limit Omaha112, Eric also registered his glorious wins.

It is to be noted that he is third amongst the only 5 men of the world, who have won a bracelet for three consecutive times. The other four men to reach hi glory are: Allen Cummingham, Doyle Brunson, Johnny Moss and Gary Berland. When it comes to poker playing, skills, talents and meticulousness seep from Eric Seidel. He has the potential to become no. 1 of the world. Erik is a big game player, bagging cash in every big game. Erik’s defeat has been a setback in his career in main moments but yet he is a respected player out in the world of poker and for his gaming strategies and grace while at play.

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