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Brett Blackwood Win MSPT Event

Every state in US keeps having their own poker tournaments and the one that occurred in Michigan State was the state poker championship event.

Being part of the mid states poker tour, there were about 884 runners this time in this tour. The venue of the competition was Firekeepers casino hotel. The final winner of the competition was Brett Blackwood. He won with a total amount of $188,314. This amount of live cash was a first for Blackwood. Understandably, he was excited about the win.

He stated that the win felt so surreal that it felt fake. It was like a dream after he made the win. He states that, he has till then been a pot limit player in Omaha of the recreational category. Till now he is not thinking of playing poker professionally. He states that during the event he was all in about fourteen or fifteen times. He also was behind most of the time, but the final run was a spectacular one. The bankroll that he was coming in from the games had been all right, but with the recent win it has just become spectacular.

There were total 81 payouts in the event. There were several champs who won cash in the event, though they fell short of the final victory lap. These were Michael Ferrarotti and Ryan Dykhouse along with Adam Lamphere, Patrick Steele, Mark Johnson Jr. and Michael Hahn. There were ten players remaining at the final table. Blackwood had the shortest stack at the time the final table began. At that time Aaron Massey was holding the lead in the chips run who is well known as a pro player in traveling tournaments. He had won the event in spring and he was aiming for victory at the Firekeepers this time as well. Blackwood was able to defeat Satish Thakur and then Massey.