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Erik Seidel

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  • Home Biggest Pots 2010 NLH 1/2 2/4

Biggest Pots 2010 NLH 1/2 2/4

Erik Seidel Video Rating: 5 / 5

17 comments on “Biggest Pots 2010 NLH 1/2 2/4”

  1. jjdillion0919 says:


  2. ThePsychicDude says:

    HAHA, I know it was a shocker! Played 500,000 hands last year and that was the worst lol. I remember being on life tilt because of the guy i won the pot from kept sucking out. But got lucky. Thank god i have now got my tilt issues under control!

  3. 0879711822 says:

    WTF was that last hand about? Do you dislike money or something?

  4. I dont mind if you use Cash Out, and thanks for the credit at the end! You’ll need to ask The Micros for permission to use Seiborg b/c I do not own the rights to it, and I can’t speak for them.

  5. ThePsychicDude says:

    Yo dude. Hope you dont mind me using your tunes on video. Gave credit at the end, but if its a problem let me know and i can change it.

  6. Bing Blang Blaow is a free download at

  7. ThePsychicDude says:

    yeah about week before

  8. Wierd that this video was released before the Seiborg vid… Did they release the song before the video?

  9. butternuts000 says:

    lol coolers. Move up where they respect your reraises. These videos are generally sad attn whoring but if you are an American than I will let this one pass because you gotta do something to get the poker fix in. Hurry back fish, overthrow your stupid govt and get back on the pokerz!

  10. SngFish1147 says:

    please cross show op’s cards

  11. santana78100 says:

    srslysirius song makes vid worth watching.

  12. ThePsychicDude says:

    yeah was bad play, think i was drunk. lol. that table was nuts. cant give any good reason other than sb was biggest donk ever. but so was i.

  13. also i don’t understand calling $18 from the BB with 43s (6:35)… it’d make more sense to me if you were trying to isolate the other big stack but your call neither closes out the pf action nor guarantees that 2slim4gym would be involved in the hand… i’d be interested to hear your perspective, thanks

  14. natestrasburg says:

    sick songs and sicker hands

  15. ThePsychicDude says:

    yeah remember this guy. basically was trying to see every flop vs him. he was terrible and we were 300bb deap.

  16. hand with fcku at 5:50 makes me o_O

  17. this guy gives me a hard-on

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