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  • Home Aussie Millions 2011 Episode 9 [2/3] – The Australian Poker Championship

Aussie Millions 2011 Episode 9 [2/3] – The Australian Poker Championship

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9 comments on “Aussie Millions 2011 Episode 9 [2/3] – The Australian Poker Championship”

  1. dont be fooled, these chinese businessmen seem like they arent big fishes….

  2. By ‘extracting value’ on the river there he’s setting himself up to be checkraised or getting folds an overwhelming ammount of the time. The check is trivial. Williamson is a moron.

  3. 00:41 Williamson:” Well now if It’s checked to me and I’m Phil Ivey I’m gonna try to extract a little value out of this”

    1:00 The other guy asks: Could he have gotten any more out of that, or was Seidel folding to a bet?  Williamson: “He was folding to any bet”

    What he’s saying doesn’t make any sense. If he’s Ivey on the river and it gets checked to him, what hands is he trying to get value out of? It’s very likely Seidel based on the action either has a J or nothing.

  4. They are only commenting on the general situation. I.E. If any other player in that situation made the play, then it wouldn’t be a good one. In reality there is no way for the announcer to know if the pro had a read on the other player or if they have a long history with that player to know what they are likely to do on future streets. This radically changes what the “correct” play will be.

  5. Listen to the Australian bloke’s language; he’s called the business from China “the Chinamen” and “the Oriental”. He rules.

  6. xXAnthony619Xx says:


  7. Ronaldvanbell Bell says:

    yeah it annoys the hack out of me
    espacially prince williamson the third

  8. it bugs me when the commentators say they “dont like” one of the pros plays. who are they to say when Phil Ivey made a bad play or not.

  9. 09:40 darth vader lurking behind the camera

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